Robert Biswas-Diener

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    In recent times there has been growing interest in positive psychology as evidenced by the swell in positive psychology graduate programs, undergraduate courses, journals related to the topic, popular book titles on the topic and scholarly publications. Within the positive psychology community there has been an increased emphasis on the socially beneficial side of positive psychological science. At the First World Congress of the International Positive Psychology Association there was a major push to look at positive psychology as a social change mechanism. This volume will bring together thoughts of leaders in positive psychology from 8 countries to capitalize on the push toward social change and flourishing. By releasing this title at a critical time Springer has the opportunity to help frame the agenda for positive psychology as a force for social change. This seminal work is meant for anyone interested in happiness, strengths, flourishing or positive institutions It introduces Positive Psychology as an unapplied science that can be used to create positive social transformation and enabling institutions. This is a must-have title for academics, especially psychologists, sociologists, economists, and professionals working in the field of Positive Psychology and Well-Being.

  • Discover proven strategies for applying positive psychology within your coaching practice Written by Robert Biswas-Diener, a respected researcher, psychologist, life and organizational coach, and expert in positive psychology, Practicing Positive Psychology Coaching presents a wide range of practical interventions and tools you can put to use right away in your coaching practice. Each intervention is clearly outlined and, where appropriate, illustrated by case studies from organizational and life coaching. Providing unique assessments that can be used to evaluate client resources and goals, this practical guide introduces tools unique to this book that every professional can use in their practice, including: Findings from new research on goal commitment strategies, motivation, growth-mindset theory, and goal revision A decision tree for working specifically with Snyder's Hope Theory in the coaching context An easy-to-use assessment of "positive diagnosis," which measures client strengths, values, positive orientation toward the future, and satisfaction Measures of self-esteem, optimism, happiness, personal strengths, motivation, and creativity Guidance for leading clients through organizational and common life transitions including layoffs, leadership changes, university graduation, middle age, and retirement Filled with reflective exercises for use in your own personal and professional development, Practicing Positive Psychology Coaching also includes guidance and recommendations for marketing a positive psychology coaching practice.

  • Une idée reçue voudrait que, pour être heureux, il faille sans cesse se sentir bien. Mais qui peut se vanter de ne jamais se sentir mal ? Bien sûr, les émotions positives et la gentillesse peuvent vous mener loin. Mais pas aussi loin que vous le pensez.
    Dans ce livre aussi profond que stimulant, Todd Kashdan et Robert Biswas-Diener, chercheurs en psychologie et en philosophie, démontrent que nous avons besoin de tous les aspects de notre personnalité. Ainsi la colère nourrit la créativité, l'égoïsme rend courageux et les réactions impulsives favorisent les relations interpersonnelles.
    Puisant dans un large éventail de recherches et dans des exemples concrets, Soyez négatif ! développe un message aussi simple qu'audacieux : nous n'avons pas à choisir entre bien-être et mal-être.

  • In The Upside of Your Dark Side, two pioneering researchers in the field of psychology show that while mindfulness, kindness, and positivity can take us far, they cannot take us all the way. Sometimes, they can even hold us back. Emotions such as anger, anxiety, guilt, and sadness might feel uncomfortable, but it turns out that they are also incredibly useful. For instance:
    - Anger fuels creativity - Guilt sparks improvement - Self-doubt enhances performance In the same vein, we can become wiser and more effective when we harness the darker parts of our personality in certain situations. For instance:
    - Selfishness increases courage - Mindlessness leads to better decisions The key lies in what the authors call 'emotional, social, and mental agility,' the ability to access our full range of emotions and behavior-'not just the 'good' ones-'in order to respond most effectively to whatever situation we might encounter.
    Drawing on years of scientific research and a wide array of real-life examples including sports, the military, parenting, education, romance, business, and more, The Upside of Your Dark Side is a refreshing reality check that shows us how we can truly maximize our potential. With an appreciation of our entire psychological toolkit, we become whole-'which allows us to climb the highest peaks and handle the deepest valleys.

  • Positive psychology moves psychology from a medical model toward a strengths model to help clients shore up their strengths and thereby lead happier, more fulfilling lives. Positive Psychology Coaching: Putting the Science of Happiness to Work for Your Clients provides concrete language and interventions for integrating positive psychology techniques into any mental health practice.

  • Utilizing sophisticated methodology and three decades of research by the world's leading expert on happiness, Happiness challenges the present thinking of the causes and consequences of happiness and redefines our modern notions of happiness. shares the results of three decades of research on our notions of happinesscovers the most important advances in our understanding of happinessoffers readers unparalleled access to the world's leading experts on happinessprovides "real world" examples that will resonate with general readers as well as scholarsWinner of the 2008 PSP Prose Award for Excellence in Psychology, Professional and Scholarly Publishing Division of the Association of American Publishers